Natural and biotechnology ingredients we can trust

Our gentle, non-greasy and deeply moisturizing products are great for people with sensitive skin, looking for a deluxe line of products for skincare. We handpicked the safest & most effective ingredients found in nature—like aloe vera, calendula, and antioxidants in association with biotechnological ingredients —to take care of people undergoing cancer treatment. Our products are free of parabens, dyes, toxins, & sulfates. 

Soothe & relieve irritated or dry skin irritated, fast

Provides relief to your skin during Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatment. WeCare's products promote the skin's natural renewal and healing processes. Boost your skin's ability to lock in more moisture, you'll look even, rested, and restored.


Wonderful products! I used the lotion during my breast cancer radiation and it was a life saver. My skin was very red & irritated but the lotion calmed it down immediately and I healed very well! Many thanks WeCare! 

Karen, Cancer Patient

I've always had very sensitive & slightly dry skin. During chemotherapy my skin started to peel, & became extremely dry. I asked my oncologist for something that could help, that's when I met Wecare. In a few days, the extremecare cream really left my skin soft and hydrated, greatly minimizing the effects of chemo! 

Claudia, Cancer Patient

During my breast cancer, I had severe radiotherapy burns, but when I started using Wecare's  soap (Washcare) and moisturizing lotion (Moistcare) my skin improved a lot, became clearer, hydrated and the bruises healed! 

Regina, Radiotherapy Patient